With nearly 25 years of experience, I've combined my vast knowledge of illustration, print collateral, large format exhibitry, photography, and interactive design in new and innovative ways.

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Currently Learning

Back in the mid 90's, I attended a Macromedia conference on Dreamweaver and Fireworks. They tried to tout Fireworks as being a Photoshop killer, but no one would buy into it.

Dreamweaver on the other hand blew us all away as it was specifically geared towards graphic designers. Many smiles were made and lots of clapping heard that day by the graphic designer crowd in attendance.

As the years went by and Macromedia was snatched up by Adobe, Dreamweaver morphed into what I feel (as a graphic designer) to be a convoluted mess. Unfortunately I had no idea that Adobe Muse existed so I'd pretty much abandoned Web design altogether. But after finding Muse, I'm absolutely stunned by not only it's simplicity and ease of use - but also how nearly all of the tools mirror what you'd find in Illustrator or InDesign. Adobe Muse truly is a stunning application.

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Two images of me in my native habitat.
Playing the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Currently Enjoying

At the moment, my life doesn't really afford me the luxury of sitting down on a home console and playing games as I would in years past.

But with the NN3DSXL™, I'm able to get in some fun and relaxation from time to time. My current obsession is Animal Crossing New Leaf. Current estimate until completion: 1,000 years.

New Nintendo 3DS XL.