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Over the last couple of decades, I've continued to learn and grow as a graphic designer in ways I never imagined. I am constantly eager to learn new skill sets and love figuring out ways to combine different skill sets together.

A great example of this is AR (augmented reality). My passion has always been with print. Unfortunately, back in the mid to late 90's I began building Web sites. Web sites are fun, but I ended up doing Web sites primarily for many years (which made me a bit sad as I missed print so much).

Now with the advent of augmented reality, I'm able to combine the physical and digital spaces together into a unified concept (in other words, I'm back to doing print again)!

I also highly enjoy organizing and coming up with ways to streamline and automate various processes in order to turn projects which sometimes take hours (or even days) into projects that take just minutes to complete.

A clean pie chart ranking my organization, time management, and creative skills.
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Skill Sets

Back in my college years, we were learning how to do everything by hand. Our professors would tell us that by the time we got out into the real world, virtually none of what we were learning would be applicable within the modern day design industry.

They certainly were right, and thank goodness too. Anyone reading this actually miss Amberlith? I didn't think so.

Fortunately I'm a fast learner and taught myself pretty much everything I know. In the chart below you'll see some of the apps I use on a day to day basis (but I use quite a few more). The chart also lists things that I do beyond being classified as an 'app' such as 'Augmented Reality' and 'Voice Overs' for example.

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This chart ranks the various applications I use on a dayly basis such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign (just to name a few).


This chart shows the various places I have worked over the last two decades.


These icons represent the various interests I have.

Download My Resume

You can download a PDF of my resume by clicking the icon below. I'm continuing to change it periodically so if you really want to have the latest and greatest, just check your version number against what's here.

Current version:  2B