August 2015


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New Glasses Day

August 7th, 2015

Later today I'll be picking up my new pair of glasses!

I'm especially excited about this because I'm looking forward to a gigantic reduction in headaches. Recently, my current pair of glasses took on a few extra scratches which are obscuring my view at certain angles - which in turn have been causing fairly bad (and frequent) headaches.

They'll be texting me when they're available for pick-up, I may take a book over to Dupont and just hang around.

UPDATE: annnnnnnd here they are! The headaches are gone, whoohooo!!!

Creating Folios,
Again, Soonish!

August 5th, 2015

About two years ago I'd created a Folio via the digital publishing suite tools available in InDesign CS6. It was really fun, and creating some interactivity, video, and even a section where you could spin my boss around while he was sitting on a chair was exceptionally simple.

I was going to refresh my memory on creating Folios via InDesign this week, but no matter what I do, the Folio Builder tools won't seem to show up. Well I just found a note specifically from an Adobe employee on the matter stating that the all-new Folio Builder tools for InDesign CC 2015 will be out later this week (the note was written August 2nd) and continued with '...if you need to continue building your current Folios, then you should downgrade to CC 2014 until the new tools are released'.

Again, the all-new revamped tools will be released later this week.

So yeah, that makes no sense for me to downgrade in order to temporarily refresh my memory on something that will be replaced either tomorrow or Friday with a totally new interface. ...guess I'll need to find something else to do in the meantime.  :P

New Day, New Do!

August 4th, 2015

Well, actually I got my hair cut yesterday.

Anyway, I'm checking out the DPS features of InDesign CC. I'd created a digital magazine a couple of years ago just for fun, and it was incredibly easy back then.

I've been watching a few more recent videos on how it works now and it looks like I was correct - it's now even easier than it was before and far more robust via InDesign CC!

Closer to a Real Blogging Solution

August 2nd, 2015

I managed to be able to get the text styles to stick with the new blogging solution for Muse 3 (or CC 2015, whatever it's called these days). So that's one bug squashed. Next up is figuring out how to remove links from the titles (I've been trying to override the links back to Blogger via CSS but no luck so far).

Then after that, it's seeing if I can get more than five posts to appear at once (that seems to be the current limit, with no pagination).

Gettin' to Know Windows 10 (updated)

August 1st, 2015

About a couple months ago I'd purchased a sub $200 PC laptop (it was some crazy deal at Best Buy). Let's see, it's got 8 GBs of RAM. 15" screen, 1 TB hard drive, ummmm...  duo core i7, forgot what else.

Anyway, to get the same specs with a MacBook Pro would cost $1,999. Seems like a great deal right? Well, it would be if it were running a nice OS. Windows 8 was an absolute mess, I just couldn't use it for real work. 'Was' being the operative word here since I now have Windows 10 installed.

Windows 10 is really top notch. As a Mac user for well over 20 years now, I'm extremely impressed. ...and now, nearly all my day-to-day apps are running on this new PC with just one last exception.

Adobe Dimensions.

So today I'll be attempting to get XP Mode running under Windows 10 via Hyper V. I'll write a follow-up/update to let ya'll know if I am successful in this quest later today, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: No dice so far, can't seem to activate Hyper V under the retail version of Windows 10. Not giving up just yet.