November 2015


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November Already?!

November 6th, 2015

I have been so busy at Abt Associates that I've lost track of the time, or rather the months (plural)!

There's so much amazing stuff I can't wait to add to my portfolio! But it might not be until early next year because I'm waiting on an update from Adobe for Muse. I'm testing a pre-release alpha which includes the ability to produce responsive layouts! The way it's handled is extremely intuitive, unfortunately some of the parallax effects are disabled if you implement anything that's responsive. Hey, it's just an alpha - can't expect it to be perfect.

Anyway, I'm wanting to overhaul the portfolio and get back to this blog - but I really want to hold off until the responsive tools hit RC, otherwise I'll probably end up spinning my wheels and overhauling everything twice. So stay tuned!